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Our Nation Betrayed
Garland Favorito
Still a Best Seller, Our Nation Betrayed takes a look at the Clinton and Bush administrations and questionable acts linked to both. Exciting, informative, compelling…accurately exposes the enemies of our Constitutional Republic who are devouring our

sovereignty as well as the hearts, souls and mind of our people. Ken Becht, Author, Just Friends

ISBN 1582751005.........................$16.95 (4.75 s&h)

Many Faces to Many Places
Judy Azar Leblanc
In this animated spiritual tale, Many Faces is the innocent heroine who escapes the confines of a wicked witch. With her unique gift of communicating with nature, Many Faces is led by a pair of “floating eyes” through a magical world of timeless knowledge and truth.

Wonderfully imaginative – Amazon An effective read – Bookwire, R.R. Bowker

ISBN 1594678669.........................$ 9.99 (4.00 s&h)

Over 500 Points of humor and flaws, in regards to the “left” and the “liberal” cause.
J.M. Williams
An insightful, witty, and hard-hitting examination into the political and social aspects of liberal ideology. This book not only entertains and informs, but also allows the reader to think in ways not previously

considered. A detour from the usual road of political correctness.

ISBN 1593303807.........................$ 13.95 (4.00 s&h)

  Over 500 Points of humor and flaws, in regards to the “left” and the “liberal” cause.
Volume II
J.M. Williams
A unique and entertaining perspective into liberal ideology.
When it comes to stunning the American people and hindering our military objectives, the liberal

strategists have been known to implement some serious “shock and flaw”. In examining the health of our Country when Democrats oversee America or when Democrats overtax America…that’s what you call D.O.A.; however, on an entirely different matter, they treat any proposed legislation bill not advancing their cause as “dead on arrival”.

ISBN 159330465X.........................$ 17.95 (4.00 s&h)

Wilma Edwards
met the heroine of this true and fascinating story while visiting an old friend. Taped recordings and notes taken over a year became the absorbing Shandor. Disaster, war, Soviet occupation, Love, Hate, Deception, Joy; This book is filled with all.

A gifted storyteller with a flair for a multigenerational family saga. Midwest Book Review

ISBN 1582750785.........................$ 15.95 (4.75 s&h)

Carl & Me & WWII
AnnieLaura M. Jaggers
"I was very much surprised and regret the passing of President Roosevelt. I just cannot see Mr. Truman as president, but let’s hope he has sense enough to carry on…” A soldier’s words to his wife. She later shares this time and his letters in her published

column. She now shares that time with you.

ISBN 1593303521.........................$ 12.95 (4.00 s&h)

A Professor’s Unforgettables: 5 Out Of 25,000 Students in 25 Years
AnnieLaura M. Jaggers
A Professor at Arkansas Tech shares 5 students who stood apart from others, each for an unsuspecting reason: Merry, the beauty who took a chance for a handsome boy – and lost. Master

Sergeant Grady who met his match when he walked into class. Barbara, the class-act who would later marry Norman Mailer, and more. Highly recommended.

ISBN 1593303238.........................$ 11.95 (4.00 s&h)

  Turning to Gold
Julie Bennet
If you’ve ever experienced a loved one’s illness, this book is for you. Using email as a connection, a family leans on, supports, and questions each other during a brother’s terminal bout with cancer. Faith keeps them in the light when all else is dark.

All will identify one way or another with Turning to Gold.

ISBN 1593300786.........................$ 15.95 (4.00 s&h)

The Weekend Diet
Julian Jackson
Toxins can add 20 lbs. to your body frame. The Weekend Diet is a healthful way to drop 5-10 lbs in one weekend through simple detoxification—a loss of 15lbs or more a month.
Natural fruit juice helps to achieve your goal.

An easy plan helps keep the weight off.

ISBN 1593303041.........................$ 10.95 (4.00 s&h)

Plato’s Secret
Richard K. Huber
After 2400 years, a breakthrough in understanding the Greek philosopher, Plato. The author reaches into the masterpiece works of Plato and uncovers a secret coded message. Readers can now see just what he had to say about living the best life, the

most just life, and making the ultimate journey to the light.

ISBN 1593301545.........................$ 12.95 (4.00 s&h)

Inside Out
Don Childers
Don valued the time that he spent in prison. To him it was a gift. Time behind bars taught this man the real meaning of love and forgiveness. Don describes becoming spiritually blessed and being able to relate to others.

Inside Out is about taking the first steps of a life-long journey.

ISBN 1593303513.........................$ 14.95 (4.00 s&h)

Timothy Smith
A collection of memories from a man’s childhood that starts out as normal, but soon takes on questionable characteristics as the roads through life stretch out over various dips and turns.


ISBN 1593303742.........................$ 15.50 (4.00 s&h)

Druks Path
Beverly Lynne Gray
Fascinated by dragons all of her life, at the age of 50, the author decided to meet one - alone. The journey starts in America and ends in the Himalayas on a path called Dragon’s Back Ridge. The adventures of this expedition leave

one wishing that she – or he – was so bold.

ISBN 158275084X.........................$ 10.95 (4.00 s&h)

Battleship of Fools
Igor Gershengorin
Joshua has a dream of building a world free of fools. In 2023 he purchases an obscure research company, Empire Genetics, and shapes it into a formidable force. Forty years later, Joshua’s grandson, Joseph, discovers just

how close he actually is to living in a nightmare even his grandfather could not have imagined.

ISBN 1595940588.........................$ 12.95 (4.00 s&h)

Once a Child
James Robert Stewart
Jonathan Sanders was a football star growing up in this Midwest farming town, but now he is working the land and raking out a living for his wife and son. Henry, Jonathan’s father, is like so many others in the early 1900’s and believes that a father is the head of the family until the day he dies,

no matter how old the children are, or if they have families of their own. Jonathan struggles with this notion as he is bullied into playing football so that his beloved son is allowed to play baseball. The tension between two generations quietly escalates as time goes on and the theme is set for the next book of the Once a Soldier series.

ISBN 1593303564.........................$ 20.95 (4.00 s&h)

Cruelty by Design
Brelin Decicco Rowlett
Joe Healey and Tate McCormick agree on nothing, except the fact that Tate's friend Victoria Talbot was murdered. Victim's Advocate McCormick has no doubt it was the work of an enraged domestic violence group member;

Detective Healey knows from experience that it is foolish to assume. Joe needs Tate's professional expertise and knowledge of her friend, but it proves difficult as Joe reflects on his own past. Along with Detective Leah Small, who begins to question her relationship issues, they go behind the scenes of the domestic violence community to track down who might have wanted the dedicated counselor dead.

ISBN 1593303068.........................$ 13.95 (4.00 s&h)

Rest In Peace Rural America
Charles L. Ciancio
A collage of knowledge, experience, and wisdom that has absorbed throughout the author’s 40-year career with Forestry in California. The author shows how citizens, especially those living in rural areas, are affected by the often-blundered decisions of a

non-elected Fourth Branch of government that resides over the land. These decisions are meant to be positive, but they are made without careful study or expert testimony being reviewed.Consequences of these decisions include:

Hundreds of miles of streams being damaged through stream cleaning projects; a man fined $3500 for moving tadpoles from his backyard pond; the northern spotted owl fiasco hurting rural communities; a man owing $750 in fees to move a few dead logs off his own land; four firefighters dying as a result of being refused access to water from a river inhabited by protected fish.

These are just small portions of what you will learn from reading the pages of Rest In Peace Rural America.

ISBN 159453960X.........................$ 18.95 (4.00 s&h)

Every Day a Bird Learns How to Fly
Frank V. Arcilesi
Jimmy Trenton never imagined in his wildest dreams that his high school chum's step mom would become his best friend-and much more. It was 1958 in the quiet little community of Lakewood, Maryland. Certain things weren't

supposed to happen there-but they did. Now Jimmy and his new best friend Carol must struggle with a secret and the reality of their relationship in a time when rules were much stricter than they are now. They must put it back the way it was before things went astray, but can they? It's 1958 in sleepy little Lakewood, Maryland where respectability is so important.

ISBN 1593304942.........................$ 16.95 (4.00 s&h)

Prodigal of the Pecos
C.E. Edmonson
Clint Cooper returns home after many years to find the land of his birth embroiled in a bitter and deadly land war. An Eastern powerbroker, bent on fencing off the West Texas range for his own profit, hires gunslingers to bully the local ranchers and farmers into

submission. As the Pecos River runs red with the blood of the innocent, Cooper emerges to make a stand, determined to keep his faith and his family intact-or die trying.

ISBN 1593305352.........................$ 12.50 (4.00 s&h)

7: The Magical, Amazing and Popular Number Seven
David Eastis
The number 7 has held special, sacred significance for thousands of years. Innumerable people consider 7 their favorite number. Enjoy more than 1777 references to 7 in pop culture, sports, religion,

craze for the number 7. This collection brings the phenomenon to life. You'll find features about the relationships of 7 to Jesus, Mother Teresa, Elvis, Gandhi, Barack Obama, Oprah, Mickey Mantle and more.

ISBN 1593307772.........................$ 17.77 (4.00 s&h)






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